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Retrofit disc brake Discus, Ventus and Mini-Nimbus

1,950.00 Ex. Tax: 1,560.00
SKU: 051412

Retrofit kit disc brake from TOST for Discus, Ventus and Mini-Nimbus.

Make your brake more efficient and reliable.

Important notice: Is the axle with collar installed? Then a new axle is necessary. Contact us for more information.



  • 4″ disc brake wheel 110-20 classic
  • brake assembly 30-9*
  • all hydraulic components and master cylinder
  • working instruction for TN 03-2011
  • part list
  • EASA Form One
  • installation and operation manual for TOST aircraft wheel
  • supplement to maintenance manual

* Alternatively: with brake assembly BZT2 with EASA approval TM02-2018.

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