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737.50 Ex. Tax: 590.00

Available on back-order

Main features

RS-485 (for LX80xx-90xx units only)

Terminal block connector 10 pin

4 analog inputs

Maximum 12V for analog inputs

Universal analogue data acquisition device (DAQ) with 4 customizable inputs

The DAQ can accept up to 4 analogue inputs with a voltage range of 0-12 volts. It connects to the LX80xx/90xx via 485 system bus and allows you to display the results as a Nav box on the LX80xx/90xx screen Ideal for oxygen systems, temperature probes, batteries or fuel gages. This is a perfect device to reduce the number of gages and indicators on instrument panels but still display the required information.

Each input can be programmed with a conversion table relating voltage from the analogue sensors to display relevant values and units.


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