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Lynx Micro Pilot Systems VHF

167.50 Ex. Tax: 134.00
SKU: M090

Available on back-order

The Short, 14″, Flexible VHF Antenna is tuned to the frequency range 118-137MHz for use with airband radios.

The antenna is designed for mounting into the metal or composite skin of an aircraft For use in glass fibre structures. the antenna is supplied with a self adhesive aluminium foil ground~plane.

To minimize the length of the antenna element. the design incorporates a base tuning coil. The short flexible element makes the antenna suitable for mounting on the nose or underneath many aircraft.

The lead is fitted with an FME plug at the antenna feed and a BNC plug for direct connection to a radio. The lead is one meter long (three feet).


  • Short flexible design
  • Optimized for airband frequency
  • High quality crimped FME and BNC connectors

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