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Skylox Standard – Orange

4.50 Ex. Tax: 3.60
SKU: 11-07736

7 in stock (can be backordered)

Skylox® is a unique product that will provide safety to your aircraft ground service crews. The circuit breaker safety lock is easy to use and is an innovative safety solution, all at a very low price.

Simple to use. Just squeeze and place over an open circuit breaker to prevent accidental closing of breaker circuits being serviced.

Regular round Skylox® for standard size breakers and Skylox® L for larger sizes. Hexagonal shape easily differentiates between the two sizes.

Add Skytags® for added safety. Red with white letters and all white backs for adding notes or special instructions. Use whiteboard markers for reusability, or permanent markers for repeating conditions.

NOTICE! Skylox® are designed for use by ground maintenance crews during ground maintenance procedures only! Skylox® are NOT to be used during flight operations.

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