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ADS-B/Mode-S receiver RTH80

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Artikelnummer: ZRTH80

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The RTH80 is a 1090MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B / Mode S receiver complying with the basic requirements of RTCA DO-260A. The device operates from any DC power supply between 10 and 28 VDC.

The RTH80 receives ADS-B reports and performs decoding and checking of message validity. Valid ADS-B messages are passed on to a connected device for further processing, storage or display.

The device has the basic capabilities of an ADS-B Class A0 receiver and provides reliable reception down to a minimum signal strength of -78 dBm.

The RTH80 provides error detection based on the standard Mode S CRC-24 and preamble detection. The detected messages are transmitted as raw data via RS-232, USB or Ethernet TCP/UPD Broadcast Protocol.


174 x 124x 39 mm
700 g
Power Supply Voltage
nom. 13,8 VDC (10…32 VDC)
200 mA at 13.8 VDC
Antenna connector
TNC (male)
Data Interfaces
USB, seriell (RS232) Ethernet 10/100 MBit
RTCA DO-260A, RTCA DO-160G, RTCA DO-178B Level E

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