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Airgizmos Panel dock for Garmin 196/296/396/496

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Artikelnummer: PD4

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The AirGizmos Panel Dock was designed to securely hold your Garmin 196, 296, 396, or 496 portable GPS. It fits nicely in a standard 6.25″ avionics stack. It allows you to quickly remove your portable GPS from your plane for upgrades, flight planning, or for use in your car or boat. It is also a safe way to use your portable GPS, as it is securely held in the panel at all times. The Panel Dock is shipped with a set of mounting hardware necessary for attaching it to an avionics stack. If you intend to install it in a different way, use the included hardware as a reference when deciding what type of installation hardware you will need.

  • Securely mounts the Garmin GPSMap 196, 296,396, 495 and 496 in your panel.
  • Installs easily in a standard 6.25″ opening.
  • Designed to allow quick and easy removal of your portable GPS.
  • Dramatically simplifies the installation process.
  • Made from durable, high quality plastic similar in appearance to the GPS itself.
  • Gives your instrument panel a professional, finished look.

airgizmos PD4

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