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Evans NPG+ coolant

100.00 Ex. Tax: 80.00
Artikelnummer: NPG

NPG+ is new coolant providing dramatic improvements in heat transfer and viscosity that make the new fluid a “pour-in,” not requiring changes to cooling system components.

Conversion to NPG+ waterless coolant from the use of conventional antifreeze and water coolant mixes, to take advantage of the benefits of non-aqueous engine cooling, is now simple to accomplish.

NPG+ waterless coolant virtually eliminates boil over in gasoline or diesels – the waterless coolant allows engines to tolerate running hotter, without boiling over, and allows the cooling system to run at very low or no pressure. Because there is no water in the system engines operating with NPG+ will be free from corrosion and electrolysis, and the engines will run well no matter how hard they are driven or how hot or cold the environment is.

Evans Blended Waterless Coolant is recommended, for street use and racing where ethylene glycol use is permitted, long life Coolant. 300 or more HP recommend use: aluminum radiator and 7 psi cap. Specified coolant for Rotax Aircraft Engines, Type 912 and 914 (series).

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