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Slipmedel (polermedel) RUBIN

22.50 Ex. Tax: 18.00
Artikelnummer: 3000

3 i lager (kan restnoteras)

This Grinding Paste was especially developed for workshops. It has the same characteristics as the ROTWEISS Polishing Paste, however with a considerably increased grinding effect.


  • Best preparation of paintwork surfaces
  • RUBIN is completely free of wax, grease and silicon
  • Quick and easy to use by hand or with a machine, even on wet surfaces
  • Transition between old and new paintwork can be evened out to leave no visible seam
  • Deeper scratches, surface cracks and major dirt stains can also be removed
  • The ROTWEISS Grinding Paste RUBIN leaves fine scratches behind, which can be polished off with the ROT-WEISS Polishing Paste
  • RUBIN can be mixed in any ratio with the ROTWEISS Polishing Paste. The grinding effect is thus ”infinitely variable”
  • The ROTWEISS Grinding Paste RUBIN should not be used on newer vehicles, since paint layers today are so thin, that they can easily be polished through

Can 750 ml

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