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Artikelnummer: LX9050D

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The LX9050D is a rear seat unit for any front seat vario system from LXNAV. Like the full system it is a navigation system with extremely bright 5″ color display, running well proven firmware with multilingual interface. This instrument is preloaded with worldwide maps, airspace and airport databases. The system comes with an I8 vario repeater display and wiring.


LX9050TLX9050LX9050 club
Touch Screen-Optional
V8 varioOptional
V9 varioOptionalOptional
V80 varioOptionalOptionalOptional
IGC approved flight recorder
Built-in GPS
Voice messagesOptional
Profile customization with LX Styler/Style functionOptional
Support for waypoints file with imagesOptional
Map elements
(roads, highways, water bodies, railways, town names)
2nd flarm antenna (only with PowerFlarm)OptionalOptionalOptional
ADS-B built-inOptionalOptionalOptional

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