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Magnetic Oil Drain Super Plug

40.00 Ex. Tax: 32.00
Artikelnummer: 05-12373

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This is the most powerful plug available and was designed specifically for GA aircraft use. This is about the least expensive thing you can add to your aircraft that will extend engine life and prevent damage to your engine. The plug end is very high quality with a special rolled thread to prevent leaks, is cad plated to prevent corrosion and drilled for safety wire. The rolled thread size is 1/2” NPT and this fits all Lycoming, Franklin and many other aircraft engines. The extremely powerful high temperature, Alnico magnet is pressed and locked into the plug permanently and will outlast your engine. This powerful device extends into the oil and removes all ferrous material that is suspended in and circulating with your oil causing wear.


Note: Unit is experimental. Please inspect your sump pump and oil pickup prior to the installation of this plug to ensure that there are no obstructions which would interfere with the unit.

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