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mini LAK

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Test of the LAK mini: https://nordicgliding.com/mini-lak-fes/

The LAK-17 MINI is a new generation FAI 13,5 m class sailplane. LAK-17 MINI is made of hybrid composite materials such as kevlar, carbon, glass fibre. The wing spar is made of modern carbon rods GRAPHLITE SM315 and has a double T section. The weight of each wing panel is 40 kg. The airbrake are situated in upper surfaces only.

The retractable landing gear has a 350×15 mm tire and shock absorber. The hydraulic main wheel brake is actuated by an air brake handle. The rudder pedals are adjustable in flight. All controls, hook up automatically. The wings incorporate fork – type spar roots joined with two pins. The elevator hooks up automatically during assembly.

The cockpit is of monocoque construction. The manually controlled seat pan and an adjustable seat back together with optimally arranged control elements offer notable comfort on long flights. The one piece Weiss canopy hinges forward. On the left side there is a sliding window with ventilation scoop. The instrument panel lifts up together with the canopy.

Sailplane could be produced in three versions:

  • LAK-17 MINI – pure glider with fuselage ballast tank jettisonable in flight;
  • LAK-17 MINI T – this motorglider is with retractable selflaunching system with Solo 2350 engine.
  • LAK-17 MINI FES – motorglider Front Electric selflauncher is a highly effective propulsion system with a light but powerful brushless electrical motor and small and foldable propeller at the front part of fuselage.

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