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  9. Protective Pouch #325 für GMNI/UNG, GMBR/UNG

Protective Pouch #325 für GMNI/UNG, GMBR/UNG

62.50 Ex. Tax: 50.00
Artikelnummer: TA0325

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Total length 710
Weight 130
Material Nylon Mesch, PVC

The bag #325 reliably protects our probes GMNI/UN and GMBR/UN. After installation, the screw heads must be cut off so the probe fits. A screw cap plastic container of lubricant is included for convenient grease of the end piece. Washable up to 30°, do not spin. Before washing do remove the reinforcement tube please.

Note: Images and drawings are similar. Certain differences are caused by manual production or further development.

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