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  7. Self-Adhesive Rubber Seal 6×1.5 mm

Self-Adhesive Rubber Seal 6×1.5 mm

4.38 Ex. Tax: 3.50
Artikelnummer: N257

6 i lager (kan restnoteras)

  • Multifunctional use: strong self-adhesive foam tape for car door, hobs, door, window, bathroom, shower, sink and edge sealing tape. Soundproof, heat-resistant, insulated, compressible, waterproof, anti-collision and anti-friction
  • With strong adhesive: this sealing tape is self-adhesive with a durable acrylic adhesive for strong adhesion. Compression tape is not only particularly strong and ensures good immediate adhesion, temperature resistant from -40 °C to +90 °C
  • Easy to use: our anti-collision strip is free from solvents, quick installation without drilling and screwing, the adhesive of the draught excluder sticks particularly well to most surfaces

Size: 6×1.5mm

Sold per meter.


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