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Station Database Update Entitlement 24 Months (AIR Control Display)

59.00 Ex. Tax: 47.20
Artikelnummer: B529

Update entitlement for station database downloads as often as desired within a 24 month period for a specific AIR Control Display (based on serial number).

The display of COM station names and the NEAREST station function require a database. For safety reasons the database must be valid and up-to-date. The database is stored on a microSD memory card. In order to access the database, the card has to be permanently inserted into ACD-57. A microSD memory card is supplied with the unit.

Included with delivery are two years of free database updates. After this two year period, database update entitlements can be purchased here at AIR STORE. The price for database updates covers the cost for maintaining the database and it’s update infrastructure.

After your purchase, you will receive a coupon code via eMail. To get a database file, the coupon code is entered on a website. The first time you enter the code, your devices serial number and your email address have to be entered as well. This way we connect your purchase to your device. After having entered your data you will receive a current database file via eMail. If you want to get a new version of the database (during the time of your update entitlement), simply re-enter the coupon code.

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