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Bogserlina EXCLUSIV

376.25400.00 Ex. Tax: 301.00320.00
Artikelnummer: N/A

The high-grade, durable rope for heavy-duty operational demands.
Material PES, cable-laid, UV-resistant.
High load capability and ruggedness make the EXCLUSIV a rope for all range of applications with a long service life.
At both ends of the rope aluminium end pieces are fitted with knots. As additional protection we use stable rubber sheaths.
In case of wear and tear at the rope ends, an easy do-it-yourself repair is possible. Just tie new knots, see picture (the knot is called “rose knot”).


 P/N Description Length
Minimum breaking
load daN
Colour Ø
181400 Rope EXKLUSIV 40 1000 white 10 3700
181500 Rope  EXKLUSIV 50 1000 white 10 4400
181600 Rope EXKLUSIV 60 1000 white 10 5200

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