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Up-Gelcoat T30

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White or transparent.

Note! We only ship this item to customers in Sweden.

UP-gelcoat T30 is used where a particularly resistant surface is required.
The surfaces are largely light and weatherproof
and have an exceptionally high scratch resistance for such products.
Commercial polyester color pastes (UP color pastes) are suitable for coloring our pre-gels.

UP pre-gels are ideal top layer materials with the lowest layer thickness and high color intensity.
They are available as a pre-gel (fine coat resin, gel coat, undercoat, etc.) and as a top coat (top coat, final coat, etc.).
suitable for polyester and selected epoxy laminating resins. Notes on processing must be observed!


Technical specifications:

UP-Gelcoat T-30 : hardener SF-10 (Order separately)

Pot life (without adding thinner) – 20°C – about 30-45 mins – resilience – 20°C

tack-free after 2 – 4 hours

slightly resilient after 5 – 6 hours

fully cured after 2 – 3 days

gel time – 20°C – about 100-150 mins

Mixing ratio SF-10 – part by weight – 100:10

Processing temperature:

The optimum processing temperature is 20-25 °C. Lower temperatures cause a strong increase in viscosity and thus make processing more difficult. At higher temperatures the pot life is reduced (e.g. at 30°C the pot life is halved).


Processing instructions:

UP pre-gels are based on unsaturated polyester resins, are absolutely paraffin-free and harden with a silky matt and completely non-tacky surface. However, due to the high scratch resistance, the surfaces are also more difficult to grind and polish.

The mixing ratios given here refer to standard applications (brushing, spraying). UP-Vorgelat T-30 should preferably be sprayed (air gun nozzle 2-3mm, pressure 3-5bar or airless with nozzle and pressure depending on object size). Hardener SF-10 is intended for spraying aircraft parts.

When applying several spray coats, the individual spray coats must be carried out ”wet on wet”. (Airing time between spray coats approx. 5-10 min.) If the lower layer begins to gel, there is a risk of ”elephant skin formation”, i. H. the gelling layer is partially dissolved by the styrene of the newly applied layer. The lower layer swells up and is irreparably destroyed.

Application with a brush or roller is also possible. Due to the thixotropic setting, a wet film (layer thickness up to approx. 0.5mm) can be applied to vertical surfaces.

The maximum layer thickness per operation must not exceed 0.1 mm. Observe a sufficiently long flash-off time (approx. 5-10 min.) between the individual work steps so that the solvents contained in the applied layer can completely escape before gelling.


Storage Instructions:

at temperatures below +10°C approx. 6 months,
at +10 to +20°C 3-4 months.
The relevant safety instructions for handling polyester resins and hardening agents as well as instructions for safe processing must be observed!

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