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X/C Aviation 25W-60 for radial engine

13.75 Ex. Tax: 11.00
Artikelnummer: 1045500-1

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Used to lubricate radial engines in aircraft designed for use with Commercial Grade 120 aviation oil.

Phillips XC 25W-60 Specifications:

  • Multigrade ashless dispersant mineral base aviation piston engine oil
  • Compatible with all other approved piston engine aviation engine oils
  • SAE 25W low temperature viscosity for start-up and quick lubrication
  • Full bodied SAE 60 for complete protection at high engine temperatures
  • Lowers oil consumption in most engines
  • Meets the requirements of Pratt & Whitney Bulletin 1183 ”U”, MIL-L-22851D (obs), QPL #D07L1-25W-60, SAE Standard K 1899
  • FFA Approved
  • Provides excellent service as an operational oil and is also recommended for use during the ”Break-in” Process
  • 25W-60 is designed for radial and other aviation engines that require or specify 120 grade oils

Price per litre.

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