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AIRBATT 12V 8Ah VRLA/AGM avionic battery

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Artikelnummer: 8000202

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Powerful, maintenance-free and cycle-resistant lead/VRLA avionic battery optionally with glued-on terminal cover, 10A circuit breaker and connector.

The AIRBATT AIR-PB 12-8 is a powerful, maintenance-free and cycle-resistant lead/VRLA battery that has already proven itself to be excellent in gliding. The glider battery for the on-board power supply can optionally be assembled with a pole cover including an integrated 10A thermal circuit breaker and connector system –> Please select accordingly your wishes in the drop-down menu!


  • Absolutely maintenance-free operation
  • Very good charging efficiency
  • Long service life with low self-discharge
  • Electrolyte bound in glass fiber fleece (AGM = Absorbing Glass Mat Technology)
  • Impact and break-proof, sealed, leak-proof housing, flame-retardant
  • Good high current properties
  • High energy density
  • with glued-on terminal cover, built-in thermal circuit breaker 10A and Connector system of your choice.

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 8Ah
  • Number of cycles: 450 (50% DoD)

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