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LiFePO4 12 V 15 Ah

345.00 Ex. Tax: 276.00
Artikelnummer: 8000911

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The AIRBATT energy-powered lithium-iron-phosphate batteries have a high capacity are extremely lightweight.

Due to the integrated battery management system (BMS) with balancer and deep discharge protection at a voltage of 11 volts the AIRBATT energy power series is also ideally suited for club operation.

To charge the battery you can use a conventional lead acid battery charger with UI0 characteristic. The AIRBATT LiFePO4 have a low self-discharge profile and are therefore perfect for mobile use.
The AIRBATT Energy Power Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are all tested and have min.100 % capacity.
These batteries are also available with high-quality AIRBATT gasoline-proof polypropylene battery covers with built-in 15A automatic circuit breaker and various connector systems such as MPX, XLR, Tyco, Tamiya, Bosch or others.


  • extremely light weight, 2.0 kg
  • 151x98x101 mm
  • integrated BMS and balancer
  • high safety
  • fast-charging C1
  • applicable in all situations
  • 2,500 cycles at 100 % discharge
  • max. continuous discharge current: 30A
  • temperature range -30° C to +60° C
  • 1/3 of the weight of lead batteries
  • long lifetime
  • protection circuit BMS

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