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Acrifix 192 Acrylic Glue 100 g

18.00 Ex. Tax: 14.40
SKU: 1R0192

We only this product to customers in Sweden.

This acrylic adhesive, Acrifix 192, is a type of adhesive that is clear and colorless and is suitable for bonding cast and extruded acrylic/plexiglas sheet material, tubes and rods. The Acrifix acrylic adhesive provides a clear, colorless adhesive bond without air bubbles, making the adhesive invisible. Do you want to glue blunt edges or larger surfaces together? Then the Acrifix 192 acrylic adhesive is very suitable. In addition, this type of adhesive is also suitable for filling small seams or, for example, for filling a saw cut if there are small irregularities. Acrifix 192 is a professional adhesive, we recommend that you test the adhesive before using it for your project. With Acrifix 192 you create an extremely strong adhesive bond.

Applications Acrifix acrylic adhesive

Due to its good properties, this adhesive is very suitable for bonding, for example, showcases, small aquariums, furniture, model making and repair work, et cetera. Acrifix acrylic glue is only suitable for bonding plexiglas with plexiglas. It is not suitable for bonding with other plastics than Plexiglas. In addition, you cannot use this glue for mirror acrylic, we recommend using a sealant for this.

User manual Acrifix 192

Acrifix 192 dries by means of (UV) light. The glue dries by natural light, but the gluing process can be speeded up by using a UV-lamp. With normal light, Acrifix 192 will dry in 3 hours.

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