Repairs and painting

We’ll help you with renovations, repaint and repairs at Termikas and ReFinish.
Contact us for more information.

NA4A cooperates with ReFinish in Poland.
ReFinish offers glider repaint, modifications and repairs.

Why you should choose ReFinish:

  • over 450 satisfied customers over the past few years,
  • EASA 145 certified,
  • specialized in the repair of gliders,
  • experienced staff,
  • quick service,
  • all communication will be in Swedish or English,
  • they also offer transportation.

ReFinish also offers:

  • installation of tailwheel,
  • installation of winglets,
  • exchange of canopies,
  • mounting of tost hook in nose,
  • new instrument panels,
  • installation of “tilt up panel”,
  • fitting for handicapped pilots,
  • new interior,
  • and much more

While your glider is refurbished why not take the opportunity to get your trailer in the best possible condition too! Refinish also offers trailer renovations.

How is it possible to get your glider and trailer in tip-top condition?

  • The first step is to contact NA4A.
  • NA4A will send you the documents which you fill in and send back to NA4A.
  • NA4A then contacts ReFinish to get you a good price.
  • NA4A will get back to you with a price and when work can begin.
  • When you accept the agreement, work will start on agreed time.

Would you like to know more? Visit ReFinish website or contact us.