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  9. ACL-UAV-LiPo – Electronic Anti Collision Light with remote control input for unmanned aircraft

ACL-UAV-LiPo – Electronic Anti Collision Light with remote control input for unmanned aircraft

436.25 Ex. Tax: 349.00

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ACL-UAV-LiPo for fuselage installation

Especially for small UAVs we developed for you the new ACL-UAV-LiPo. It is designed to work with a lightweight two cell LiPo accu used in model aircraft. With a 2S-600mAh accu it can be operated for more than one hour.

In order not to compromise the accu lifespan, the ACL-UAV-LiPo has a integratet voltage monitoring.

By the use of LEDs of the newest generation, we were able to achieve a brightness that would have been inconseivable a few years ago, whereby the power consumption could be aligned to the requirements.
In addition the ACL-UAV-LiPO has a remote control input and can be switched on and off by a radio control unit with a pulse length of 1-2 msec or by potential free contacts (Relay).

The extremely bright, red rotating sequencing light flash has a beacon angle of 360° and is visible at 30° below and above the horizontal plane.

Because it is is completely sealed in high grade optic plastic like all our LED position lamps/ACLs, it is water and even saltwater resistent.
For easy connection, the ACL is already provided with a 1.0/0.25 mm² three-wire-cable. It can be installed on the fuselage or tail by its flange footing and additional silicone.

A detailed installation instruction and shrinking tubes are included.




Color Red
Operating voltage 6.8 – 9 Volts (DC), LiPo-Akku 2S
Wattage 5 Watts (approx.)
Interface remote control input
Diameter 44 mm (approx.)
Height 39 mm (approx.)
Flange to flange 61 mm (approx.)
Drill hole 4.5 mm
Weight 85 Grams (approx.) including connecting cables
Warranty 5.000 operating hours or max. 3 years

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