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Adapter SUN with end piece A

162.50 Ex. Tax: 130.00
SKU: AD1000

Available on back-order

The mounting adapter SUN is a multi-adapter and distributes three different pressures to three 6 mm hose fittings. Unlike the UN mounting adapter, it can be fitted with probes ending with /UN and additionally with /ST1 -30mm and /ST2. To make this possible, a single interchangeable insert (wTEK) or double (wStaTEK) can be plugged into the adapter. The unused port of the adapter is thereby shut down for the duration of use. End piece A = no mounting hole, straight back. Tip: the system adapter should be installed with the hose fittings oriented upwards to prevent the ingress of water into the system. Should the O – rings, over time no longer be airtight, they can be removed and replaced by using a special tool that you can borrow from us. For details please refer back to the “service” page on our website.

Note: Images and drawings are similar. Certain differences are caused by manual production or further development


  • Total length 120 mm
  • Weight 60 gr
  • Material Nickel Plated Brass FKM 70
  • End piece A
  • Pickup 3-fach
  • Inner diameter 8 mm

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