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Aeroshell Grease 7

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AeroShell Grease 7 satisfies nearly all the airframe grease requirements of turbine engined aircraft and also those of piston engined aircraft provided that seal incompatibility does not occur.

Grease 7 from AeroShell is an advanced multi-purpose aircraft grease, composed of a synthetic oil thickened with Microgel. Grease 7 possesses good load carrying ability over a wide temperature range and is inhibited against corrosion and has excellent resistance to water. The useful operating temperature range is-73°C to +149°C. Most civil aircraft manufacturers approve AeroShell Grease 7 as a general purpose grease either by brand name or by specification. Grease 7 is recommended for lubricating highly loaded gears, actuator screw mechanisms, instrument and general airframe lubrication within the temperature range of -73°C to +149°C. It contains a synthetic ester oil and should not be used in contact with incompatible seal materials. AeroShell Grease 7 is a clay-based grease approved to MIL-PRF-23827C Type II; it should not be mixed with soap-based greases approved to MILPRF- 23827C Type I.

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