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AIR Control Display

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  • Controls COM and XPDR, shows altitude. All functions can be used simultaneously or in any combination.
  • Fully ETSO certified altimeter and alticoder
  • Brilliant large color display, perfectly readable in sunlight
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Channel Database, NEAREST Station function (GPS based), channel memory, history
  • Quick manual tuning with push-turn gesture
  • Dual Watch with individually adjustable volumes (if connected radio module permits)
  • microSD slot for firmware updates and channel database

AIR Control Display is our newly designed multi function display. It controls aircraft radios, is a fully certified altimeter, and controls transponders. Air Control Display works well with many aircraft radios and Mode-S/ADS-B transponders.

Plays well with many radios.

AIR Control Display by design is compatible to a multitude of different 8.33kHz COM systems. It can be used together with the AIR COM radio module (not yet available), the BECKER 62XX line of compact radios, and the product line of TQ avionics radios.

Radios are remotely installed in the aircraft and connected using a cable. The AIR COM radio module will even be directly connectable to the back of the display. If the connected radio features its own controls and display, these controls can be deactivated to save power, or used simultaneously, for example in tandem seater aircraft.

Top of the class display.

AIR Control Display, or ACD-57 in short, marks the heart of a radio, altimeter or transponder installation. It features the industry’s largest display area in a 57mm control head. Its stunning color screen is perfectly readable in bright sunlight. Yet it draws very little power. The design has been developed and tested to comply to strict aviation standards for multi function displays.

Thats right. We said altimeter.

AIR Control Display is a fully ETSO certified primary altimeter. You can use the display “standalone” as an easy to read altimeter with really large numbers and perfect reliability, especially in high vibration environments like helicopters, old powered aircraft, or self launching motorgliders.

If space is an issue, you can use the altimeter function in parallel to COM, XPDR, or both. This not only saves you one entire instrument worth of panel space, it also offers better readability and reliability compared to most mechanical altimeter systems. To use AIR Control Display as an altimeter, a software license is required.

Add ADS-B Out to your installation.

AIR Control Display controls our line of AIR Avionics Mode-S Transponder modules. The transponder is remotely installed in the aircraft, preferably close to the aircraft’s XPDR antenna, and connected using a cable. The integrated encoding altimeter in the AIR Control Displays allows the transponder to transmit the precise pressure altitude.

One or many displays.

In aircraft with larger panels or with tandem seating configurations, multiple AIR Control Displays can be used to control a single radio or transponder. All systems are connected using modern CANaerospace bus technology and always kept perfectly in sync.

In the Box

  • ACD-57 main unit including static port adapter
  • Mounting screws
  • Documentation
  • microSD Memory Card
  • Coupon for 2 years of free channel database updates

Some functions require additional software licenses to be installed at cost. 

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