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AIR Protect Foam – Crash Safety

26.0069.90 Ex. Tax: 20.8055.92


  • Density: 80kg per qm
  • Easy to cut and adapt
  • Low Temerature proof
“94% of all pilots that are hurt in crash landings are hurt on the spine” – German Safety-Study
Protect your spine!

AIR Protect Foam protects your spine and back from shock in case of hard landings or crash landings. Energy absorbing seat cushions have been successfully used in aviation for decades.


Because they self-adjust and provide balanced, even support, AIR Protect Foam does not contribute to the fatigue and discomfort associated with traditional high-resilience seating foams in long-term seating applications, such as for military (and sailplane) pilots, wheelchair patients and mass transit passengers.  AIR Protect Foam enables enhanced comfort on long glider flights.

Temperature proof

AIR Protect Foam is a fully synthetic high tech product. It remains flexible and sustains its shock absorbing properties even in cold temperatures, where most other shock absorbing foam systems fail.


  • L 420mm x 470mm
  • XL 420mm x 940mm


  • “Medium” 25mm
  • “Thin” 13 mm

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