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Bag PILOT Crosscountry

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SKU: 1030

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The bag is made of high-value easy nylons, is fully padded and has taken out a reinforced ground to that. The interior can be divided up in various ways and provides a stable support.

So that the pocket does not become polluted so easily, little place feet are on the underside.

On the front, an outside pocket with two-way-zipper is for the fast access and another large compartment for cards, approach charts, flight plan, etc. In the interior, the pocket has a lot of openings to put in for something, penholder and battery holder are also available.

On the back, yet two outside pockets, one for GPS, radio device, flashlight, charts, etc. and one for headsets which is extendable, thereby suitable for larger headsets.

Also included is a stable carrying strap, with a padded and landslide festivals levy to the protection of the shoulder.

With the compact measures, the Crosscountry is the perfect companion for the excursions through the country.


W 34cm H 28cm D 26cm

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