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ELL50 – Electronic Landing Light

448.75 Ex. Tax: 359.00

Available on back-order

From Thiesen with Intelligent Synchronization.

To see and be seen

The new Thiesen landing light, the ELL50, with its 50 mm (approx 2”) diameter, and less than 80 gram (2.8 ounces) is much more compact than its forerunner model ELL80, but has a much greater luminous efficiency. The power input of the ELL50 is only 30 watts, with the light output equal to a 90 watt halogen lamp. Again, Thiesen’s state of the art molding techniques guaranties weather resistance and therefore it can be mounted virtually anywhere on your aircraft even in the wheel pants!

The integrated anti-collision lighting of the ELL50 is also prepared for the intellegent synchronization.

The ELL50 can be easily connected to a cable of minimum 1.5 mm² cross section and is prewired with a 0.5 mm² highly flexible cord. An instructions manual and the required shrink tubing are included in the package.

Thanks to its advanced construction the ELL50 is water and seawater resistant and, therefore, ideally suited for use in seaplanes. It has temperature controls and is corrosion and UV resistant.

Intelligent Synchronization

The integration of our well proven Intelligent Synchronization allows a chronological sequence of power consumption for the connected anti collision lights and prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.




Operating voltage 10 – 17 Volts (DC), typically: 12.8 – 13.4 Volts (on-board power supply)
Wattage 30 Watts (approx.) (Replaces a 90 Watts Halogen Lamp)
Brightness > 50.000 Candela
Fuse 5 Amp. (fusible cut-out or automatic fuse)
Diameter 50 mm (approx.)
Installation depth 40 mm (approx.)
Weight approx. 78 Grams including connecting cables
Warranty 5.000 operating hours or max. 3 years

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