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Jaxida covers

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  • Multi layers in unique, strong materials
  • Fabrics tested for UV radiation and durability
  • Water proof
  • Protection from rain, dirt and even some grain
  • Self polishing action
  • Many years of production experience
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy and convenient for one person to put on and remove
  • Attached cover bag which is water proof on the ground side
  • Excellent service and customer satisfaction
  • Jaxida Covers ensure you’re always ready for take off

Types of Covers

Jaxida produces two types of covers. Allweather Covers (for use outside) and Dust Covers (for use indoors – such as in a hangar).

Both types of covers are available as complete aircraft covers or as cockpit covers (short and long versions).

The Jaxida Allweather Covers are double layered. The outer fabric is made from a specially manufactured waterproof and UV coated material and the lining is a cotton mix which forms a soft protective layer over your aircraft which is free from condensation.

All Jaxida Allweather Covers are individually manufactured for each type of aircraft. 

  • Protects against UV-radiation, scratches, dirt, rain, dust and smaller sices of grain. That way your aircraft can stay fully rigged in all weather conditions.
  • Self polishing action in the wind and while mounting and dismounting, your expensive surface finish will remain in good condition for longer.
  • The condensation on your wing will be led out in the wind by our special lining material
  • The covers are easily fitted and removed by one person
  • Best protection during competitions, over the weekend and throughout the flying season
  • Jaxida Allweather Covers are robust and light in weight (10-20kg, depending on the wingspan and the width)
  • They take very little room when neatly folded
  • Washable at 30°C

Contacts us for available models and prices.

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