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The LX9050 is a smaller version of the well-known LX9000 which fits everywhere. It comes packed with a V8 variometer (optionally with V9 or V80). The 5.0 inch anti-glare display is ideal for smaller instrument panels, for example in DG and LS gliders. An automatic light sensor adjusts the brightness and optimizes the power consumption. The simple and logical user interface is fully customizable and designed for toplevel competitors, club operation as well as for beginners. This instrument is preloaded with worldwide terrain maps, airspace and airports databases. User friendly data exchange using SD-card or USB-stick. Contains internal flight recorder with IGC approval for all flights including world records and optionally an artificial horizon. Complex tasks with assigned areas manipulation and real-time flight optimization according to FAI and OLC rules. This system includes the innovative V8-variometer with inertial platform and 3D-accelerometers.


LX9050TLX9050LX9050 club
Touch Screen-Optional
V8 varioOptional
V9 varioOptionalOptional
V80 varioOptionalOptionalOptional
IGC approved flight recorder
Built-in GPS
Voice messagesOptional
Profile customization with LX Styler/Style functionOptional
Support for waypoints file with imagesOptional
Map elements
(roads, highways, water bodies, railways, town names)
2nd flarm antenna (only with PowerFlarm)OptionalOptionalOptional
ADS-B built-inOptionalOptionalOptional

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