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1,362.50 Ex. Tax: 1,090.00
SKU: Option-HAWK
  • Serial number of your LX80xx/LX90xx/V8/V80/S10/S100 *

HAWK Wind, Variometer and AHRS Enable for LX80x0, LX90x0, S10, or S100   

HAWK applies an “extended Kalman filter” (EKF) algorithm that calculates the movement of the air mass in three dimensions. The software module adds an “EKF” wind arrow and an “EKF” vario needle to the display options as well as an artificial horizon display.
The HAWK and AHRS sensors are built-into all V9, V8, V80, S10 and S100 varios. To use the HAWK Wind and AHRS functionality it is necessary to purchase this software enable key. The artificial horizon and airspeed and altitude items can be setup to display on any page on the LX80X0 or LX90X0 display using the LXStyler program – or using the controls on the flight computer. The artificial horizon also displays on the V8 and V80 vario's display and on the S10 and S100 vario's display.


  • S10 and S100
    HAWK will run on all S10 and S100 units
  • LX80x0 and LX90x0
    HAWK will run on all devices from 4th Generation LX80x0 or LX90x0 onwards and V8/V80 vario only.  The easiest way to check for compatibility with HAWK is to install the latest version (currently 8.04b) of the software and go to Setup->About.

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