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MEKP Hardener

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Note! We only ship this item to customers in Sweden.

 •    Low viscosity, mixes easily
    •    Colourless

MEKP hardener is used for the fast cold curing of polyester resins preaccelerated with cobalt, e.g. UP laminating resin Palatal U 569, UP Cast Resin “transparent”, UP Pre-gel (white and colourless), etc.

MEKP hardener is a 50 % solution of methylethylketoneperoxide in a desensitised plasticizer. It is used in combination with cobalt accelerators for the cold curing of polyester resins. The MEKP hardener/cobalt accelerator system has medium activity and leads to uniform, low-stress hardening of the resin. The light resistance of the resins used is not affected.

MEKP hardener is a universal MEKP standard for hand laminating, fibre injection, winding and spinning processes as well as for gelcoats, polymer concrete and many other processes. In addition to cobalt accelerators (Co), the use of promoters such as e.g. Dimethylaniline (DMA), a significantly faster reaction with shorter demolding times can be achieved. Each UP resin requires a tuned MEKP accelerator system. The required quantities are dependent on various factors such as processing methods, resin type, required processing and pot life, wall thickness, processing temperature, co-use of fillers and optimal dosage amounts of MEKP and accelerator.

Technical data:
Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid
Specific gravity at 20 °C: 1.128 g/ml
Flash point: Approx. 60 °C
Exothermic decomposition point (SADT): approx. 65 °C

The standard quantity added is 1-3 % (with an accelerator fraction of 0.3-2 %)

The amount of hardener is thoroughly stirred to avoid streaking and to ensure a uniform through-hardening. When mixing, care should be taken to ensure that no air is introduced. At low temperatures, the action of the hardener decreases strongly so that a processing temperature of 18 °C should not be exceeded. A resin/hardener mixture is only storable for a short time. Please note the details of the respective polyester. If the resin accelerator is to be added, it must be mixed before the hardener. Attention! Danger of explosion! Avoid contact between accelerator and hardener! The quantities are then thoroughly stirred in succession!

Storage (cool and dry):
At least 3 months in unopened original container

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