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Minor Change Approval for AIR Traffic/TRX

262.50 Ex. Tax: 210.00

This EASA Minor Change Approval approves the modification of the aircraft for the installation of AIR Traffic (AT-1) and TRX (e.g. TRX-1500/TRX-1500A) collision warning systems. This allows the permanent installation of AIR Traffic, TRX and accessories such as traffic displays and antennas in many aircraft.

The approval is not limited to VFR certified aircraft and also includes installation of external antennas and connection to approved on-board systems.

The Minor Change Approval (MCA) covers the installation of a TRX system in many aircraft below 2t MTOW, all fees are included in the purchase price. All aircraft types to which the MCA applies can be found in the Approved Model List here: Download

The ordering process is as follows:

Email your request to us and we will get back to you. info@nordicaviation.eu
After a successful order by entering the relevant data, we will process it. After processing, the order confirmation and the final documents will be sent to you by e-mail.

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