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Mobile Radio Station TB3 R

2,187.50 Ex. Tax: 1,750.00
SKU: 306013

Available on back-order

The TQ-TB3 R portable radio station is one of the most modern portable radio stations on the market. Lowest weight, most compact dimensions, lowest power consumption are made possible by the highly digitized technology.
Brilliant, sunlight-suitable TFT colour display, long operating time, the flexible steel band antenna and intuitive operation result in an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Ideal as a ground station at airports that are not subject to aerial surveillance.


TQ’s most compact portable aviation radio station, with KRT2 8.33kHz radio, without installation option for additional transponder.

  • Reduced housing size compared to known balloon stations
  • Low weight
  • Robust and proven housing design
  • No cooling required
  • No ventilation openings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to read TFT colour display
  • Easily accessible operating elements on the front panel of the housing
  • Lead-Acid Panasonic battery 7,2 Ah
  • Charger included

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