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Polishing Paste

22.50 Ex. Tax: 18.00
SKU: 1000

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This polishing paste returns the original shine back to hard-worn paintwork and additionally provides protection against weathering and cracking.


  • The paintwork regains its elasticity and is permanently sealed
  • It creates a protection against aggressive environmental factors
  • Surface scratches can easily be polished away
  • Dull and weathered paintwork layers can be removed without difficulty
  • The Polishing Paste removes insects and tar stains
  • Rubber parts are not affected, on the contrary, they regain their elasticity
  • The Polishing Paste is also excellent as a cleaning agent for chrome
  • It can also be used on wet surfaces
  • Wax, fat and silicon free
  • Applied by hand or with a polishing machine

Can 750 m

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