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Protect your glider/trailer

612.502,401.25 Ex. Tax: 490.001,921.00

Let your airplane enjoy the benefits of a hard ground surface at your home grass airfield.

Protects Against Corrosion

  • Modern up to date outdoor all- weather-covers protects the wings and fuselage surfaces from everything coming from above.
  • PlanePark protects the fuselage underside, the landing gear, the brakes and the control system from humidity contained in the vegetation below.
  • Together a superb combination!

Defines Parking Position

  • PlanePark makes exact repositioning of your sweethart in respect to your tie down hardpoints after a day of flying a piece of cake. Saves time and effort getting you home for dinner in time.
  • And the PlanePark is portable too!  Bring it along to the competition site or wherever you will spend your flying holiday.

Super Quick Installation

  • Place the PlanePark on your unpaved suface and simply stomp it down into the ground.
  • The PlanePark  sees to that your sweethart rests on a flat and protective surface irrespective of weather conditions.


Protect your trailer too!

  • To secure that your trailer won’t be seriously corroded from humidity hidden in long grass, why not let a lawn mower robot do the job! PlanePark panels secure the areas around the trailer wheels and axle where your lawn mower or lawn mower robot won’t reach.

Everything is included!

PlanePark is delivered directly to your home or airport adress. Everything you need to install your PlanePark, easy and successfully, is included in the packages.

On half pallet. Shipping included inside EU.


  • Are the PlanePark panels difficult to install?

    Absolutley not!  Lay them out on the grass and simply stomp them down gently with your feet until they are flush with the ground.

  • How do I combine the PlanePark panels with a lawn mower robot?

    Simply lay out the virtual fence wire in the ground 5-10cm away from the PlanePark panels. Some robot models might need a “push away hinder” at each “island” like the flat stones seen in some of the pictures above. Further info can be found in your robot instructions.

  • Are the PlanePark panels difficult to remove in case of me and my glider moving to another airfield?

    No, it’s easy! Just grab the open corner ends with your fingers or a stick, pull and wiggle them, and they come loose.

  • What about lifetime and value over time?

    The PlanePark panels are all metal and do not corrode. They will for sure outlast both your glider covers as well as your glider.


  • Std panel size is 1000x600mm
  • The Main Wheel panel has wheel shocks
  • Tie down harware includes: 4+4 hardpoints (2sets of 2 types for hard and soft ground), 4 tie down straps and 1 small sledgehammer.


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