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Ray Allen G405

256.25 Ex. Tax: 205.00
SKU: G405

Available on back-order

The G4 Stick Grips feature a new switch module that is stylish with improved ergonomics. It utilizes the same comfortable foam grip as our G2 Series Grips. The G4 head is made of lightly textured nylon. G4 grips are 5.5” (140 mm) tall.

Installation is simple as all G4 grips come pre-wired with 2 feet (60cm) of color coded, Teflon insulated, 24 gauge wire leads.

All G4 grips feature a momentary contact, 50 mA, SPST Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch located on the front side of the grip. The four switches on the G405 grip are the same switch. The Auxiliary pushbutton switches on the G403 and G407 grip are rated at 1 amp. NOTE: The G4 grips will need a REL-2 relay deck to control our servos.

All Ray Allen G4 Stick Grips are designed to fit 1″ diameter control sticks. Two spacers are included with each grip enabling easy installation on 3/4” and 7/8” control sticks. G403, G405 and G407 stick grips include a die cut label sheet. The labels are lexan coated for long service life and fit in their own recesses for a professional appearance.

The G405 stick grip features a PTT switch, four SPST switches.

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