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TEFLON protection / sliding foil 5cm wide

18.75167.50 Ex. Tax: 15.00134.00

Thick surface protection film made of pure TEFLON, e.g. for the spar mounts in the wing or for protection against chafing in the engine compartment. The film is very robust, temperature-resistant and has good sliding properties, so that it does not wear out even in areas subject to heavy wear.

  •     Colour: white glossy
  •     Thickness: 500 micrometer
  •     self-adhesive
  •     Temperature resistant
  •     width 5cm
  •     High quality and many years of use

Protects surfaces and edges from abrasion, especially suitable for:

  •     spar rests in gliders
  •     places, including in the engine compartment, where cables or hoses are likely to chafe
  •     Exposed areas on gliding trailers to avoid damage
  •     Areas in the cockpit with high frictional load, e.g. by keys


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