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Trig TMA45 intercom

2,373.75 Ex. Tax: 1,899.00
SKU: 01802-00-01

Available on back-order


  • Stereo – full support for Bluetooth – phone / music
  • High quality audio processing – TDNR and TAM
  • Superior user interface – simple operation
  • Dedicated buttons for ADF and DME functions
  • Marker beacon receiver – with indicators
  • Support 2-6 seats
  • Plug and play retro-fit for the GMA 340

TMA45 Superior audio panel

The new TMA44 and TMA45 Audio Panels are dual comm, dual nav and fully featured audio panels. Each audio panel has a built in intercom and Marker Beacon receiver. The TMA45 has additional entertainment features and Bluetooth wireless support for music and mobile devices. Andy Davis Trig CEO said, “It’s great to announce these high quality avionics that are easy to install and a pleasure to use.”

Andy said “With a choice of two audio panels we expect most pilots will prefer our fully featured stereo and Bluetooth audio panel, the TMA45. Those wanting key features but great value will love our standard panel the TMA44.” The TMA45 hosts 2-6 seats, and has Trig Digital Noise Reduction (TDNR) to automatically select the optimum level of intercom squelch and mic threshold to reduce cockpit noise. Trig Active Mute (TAM) further reduces unwanted background noise from radio static producing class leading audio. This allows the customer to enjoy the comprehensive stereo music and entertainment options. The TMA44 hosts 2-4 seats and has mono entertainment and communication options.

Certified according to FAA 8130-3.

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