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O-Ring for End Piece Set

3.38 Ex. Tax: 2.70
SKU: ZU1002

11 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Material NBR 70 FKM 70
  • 2pcs 5.5×1.5, 1pcs 3×1.5
  • For endpeice ST1, ST2, ST1-6 mm
  • Quantity 3 pcs

With proper care and grease, these O-rings remain functional during normal seasonal operations in our latitudes for a very long time. Should they need to be replaced we recommend using a hardness of 70 (NBR or FKM). 3 piece O-ring are in the set. One of the end pieces ST1, ST2, or ST1-6 mm can be refitted with the rings of this set.

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