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Dynon D3 Pocket Panel

1,256.25 Ex. Tax: 1,005.00
SKU: 103306-000

Available on back-order

Meet the latest edition of Dynon’s popular portable EFIS line – the D3 Pocket Panel. Featuring improved brightness, a new intuitive touchscreen interface, new synthetic vision display, and an even lower price point, the D3 is the most advanced portable safety device Dynon has ever made.

  • NEW – Synthetic Vision
  • NEW – Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • NEW – Improved Brightness for Superior Sunlight Readability
  • Accurate Pitch and Roll: A True Artificial Horizon
  • Proven Dynon Attitude Sensing Engine
  • Internal Li-lon Battery for Extended Cord-Free Use
  • Two Versatile Mounts Included
  • GPS Ground Speed
  • GPS Ground Track
  • GPS Altitude and Vertical Speed
  • Turn Rate
  • Slip/Skid Ball
  • G-Meter Page with Min and Max Indications
  • Adjustable Brightness for Night Flight
  • Truly pocket sized: Approximately 31” x 31” x 1”

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