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YAESU FTA-450L 8.33kHz (COM)

306.25 Ex. Tax: 245.00

Available on back-order

Yaesu FTA 450L Aircraft radio handheld radio with 25kHz and 8.33 kHz frequency raster. The FTA-450 is the cheapest device of the manufacturer Yaesu and has only COM functions.

The compact aeronautical transceiver FTA-450L of the renowned manufacturer Yaesu is especially robust and even waterproof. It offers up to five watts of transmitting power. The possibility of a very loud reproduction of the radio traffic thanks to 800 mW audio power is an immense advantage, especially with strong background noise. The new display makes it particularly easy to use, and the VOR navigation function makes navigation easier in an emergency.

Scope of delivery

  •     1x Yaesu FTA 450 aeronautical radio handheld
  •     Headset adapter
  •     Lithium ion battery
  •     Charging cradle
  •     USB programming cable
  •     Battery empty housing (AA cells)
  •     230V charging and power adapter
  •     12V charging and power adapter
  •     Belt clip

Technical data

  •     5 Watts TX Output Power (Airband: AM 5W P.E.P. type, 1.5W carrier)
  •     25 / 8,33 Khz
  •     Huge 1.7″ x 1.7″ full dot matrix display (160 x 160 dots)
  •     200 memory channels with 15 alphanumeric characters
  •     Back-lit keypad and display with dimmer
  •     Water Protection -IPX5 Rating
  •     Loud Audio (800 mW)

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