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Nano 3 IGC logger

725.00 Ex. Tax: 580.00

Available on back-order

  • Select a landable field from the Near List and filter them by the distance, name or bearing.
  • Never get lost by using a Waypoint mode and Task mode.
  • Shows FLARM and PCAS traffic if a FLARM is connected to the Nano3.
  • Bluetooth module, 56 channels GPS module built-in! Cable connectivity through a mini USB.
  • Airspace. No more stressful airspace situations. Simply check your position related to the closest airspace.
  • Final glide calculation with preloaded glider polars. Don’t forget to set MC, Ballast and Bugs.
  • Pick your own pre-loaded graphics theme. Define all the important colors yourself.
  • Advanced Environmental Noise Level Sensor
  • The Nano3 is an extremely small size IGC flight recorder with QVGA screen, which you can use also as a backup navigation system, even for flights longer than 10 hours.
  • The Nano3 has 4 push buttons for easy editing and a rocker button for setting a volume / zoom and MacCready.

The Nano3 is the smallest IGC flight recorder with a QVGA screen. Fly without any cables and chargers! A 1800mAh battery serves up to 36h with advanced power management. The Nano3 has 4 push buttons for easy editing and a rocker button for setting volume/zoom and MacCready.

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