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Nano 4 IGC logger

618.75 Ex. Tax: 495.00

Available on back-order

  • Worldwide terrain and map – FREE of charge!
  • Support “LXNAV Connect”.
  • The Thermal Assistant mode displays your location within the thermal and the thermal strengths graphically.
  • Select a landable field from the Near list and filter them by the distance, name or bearing.
  • Know everything about your heading point. Advanced calculation of landing, distance, bearing and many other useful parameters. Detailed objects, roads, rivers and APTs on the map.
  • Advanced calculation of task parameters. Know where you go.
  • Shows all different types of FLARM objects, ADS-B objects and PCAS if appropriate external devices are connected.
  • Bluetooth module, 56 channels GPS module built-in! Cable connectivity through a mini USB.
  • Final glide calculation with preloaded glider polars. Don’t forget to set MC, Ballast and Bugs.
  • Pick your own pre-loaded graphics theme. Define all the important colors yourself.
  • The Nano4 is a smartphone size IGC flight recorder with VGA screen, which you can use also as a backup navigation system, even for whole day flights.
  • The Nano4 has 7 buttons for easy handling in a turbulent air. All handling can be done via the Touchscreen or with these 7 buttons.
  • A tiny flight recorder with the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed.

The Nano 4 is a flight recorder designed according to the highest level IGC specification with retina touchscreen. The IGC recorder is capable of recording JET engine noise. It features an integrated 50-channel GPS receiver with built-in antenna. Using smart power management it allows up to 36 hours of operation and up to 14 hours of operation with screen at full brightness.
Flights are stored directly in IGC format to 4Gb solid state memory. The battery is charged when the flight recorder is connected to a computer or wall charger via Micro USB connector.
Integrated Bluetooth is used for easy data exchange with a PDA. Built-in Wi-Fi module.
Now even support the feature “LXNAV Connect”, cloud services from LXNAV.

No more stressful airspace situations. Simply check your position related to the closest airspace. Airspace Warnings – alert a pop-up appears automatically when a potential airspace violation may occur. The system will trigger a sound warning – beep.

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