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Trig TN72 GPS

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SKU: 01685-00-01

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  • Simple ADS-B Out upgrade for all Trig transponders
  • Suitable for experimental aircraft / gliders and light-sport pilots for 2020 compliance in U.S.
  • Safer – visible on all ADS-B In systems
  • Enables live tracking of aircraft (with suitable ADS-B In equipment)
  • Triggers traffic information services (TIS-B only available in U.S.)
  • Low cost and light weight
  • Two year world wide warranty

You need a TA50 antenna for this GPS!

The TN72 supports current and future air to air collision avoidance and situational awareness applications. This enhanced visibility can be useful for tracking club aircraft in real time – improving safety in the circuit and reducing the risk of air-to-air collision.


The TA70 certified antenna is designed to compliment the TN72. In installations where a smaller antenna is required then suitable alternatives can be used, see our FAQ section.  In countries where ADS-B airspace is mandated, operation in ADS-B airspace by certified types usually requires full compliance with TSO-C145 GPS technology, our TN70.


Trig are leaders in ADS-B technology (Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast) we were the first company in the world to meet FAA TSO-C166b, the latest standard for ADS-B transponders. Every Trig transponder is Mode S, but also ADS-B capable. Once installed ADS-B equipment transmits your aircraft’s precise location directly to other ADS-B equipped aircraft, improving your electronic visibility and safety. To learn more about ADS-B visit Trigs website.

Comes with the install kit and manual.

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