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Up-Gelcoat T35

40.50237.50 Ex. Tax: 32.40190.00

Note! We only ship this item to customers in Sweden.

UP pre-gels are ideal top layer materials with the lowest layer thickness and high color intensity. They are suitable as a pre-gel (fine-layer resin, gelcoat, undercoat, etc.) and as a topcoat (top layer, top coat, etc.) for polyester and selected epoxy laminating resins. They are used in particular in aircraft construction, especially for man-carrying gliders and model airplanes, but also for the boat area above the waterline. UP-Vorgelat T-35 is a product specially developed for glider construction with increased elongation.

UP-Gelcoat T-35: Hardener SF-10: Thinner SF (Order separately)

-Pot life (without adding thinner)  –  20 ° C  –  approx. 30-45 min – tack-free after approx. 2 – 4 hours

-Easily resilient after 5 – 6 hours

-fully cured after 2 – 3 days

-Gel time  –  20 ° C  –  approx. 100-150 min

Mixing ratio  –  Part by weight  –  100: 10: up to 10 (use as little thinner as possible!)

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