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EarthX ETX900-TSO 13,2V 15,6Ah LiFePO4 starter battery

1,208.75 Ex. Tax: 967.00
SKU: 8000215

The EarthX ETX900-TSO weighs only 2.4Kg and can be used in aircraft with alternators up to 80A output. The LiFePO4 starter battery features a battery management system (BMS), built-in thermal runway protection and two vent hoses. It also has a built-in LED indicator that can be integrated into the EFIS or connected to an LED light in the cockpit panel to give you direct indication of error messages and state of charge.

The BMS protects the cells from:

  • overcharge
  • deep discharge
  • short circuit

FAA Required Statement:
“The conditions and tests required for TSO approval of this item are minimum performance standards. Those installing this item either on or within a specific aircraft type or class must determine that the item installation conditions are within TSO standards. The article shall only be installed in accordance with 14 CFR Part 43 or applicable airworthiness requirements.”

Technical data:

  • Voltage 13.2V
  • Cold test current 400A (CCA)
  • Dimensions LxWxH 166 x 79 x 168mm
  • Capacity 15.6Ah

– Including FAA 8130-3 Form




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