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LiFePO4 12 V 9 Ah

175.00 Ex. Tax: 140.00
SKU: 8000914

The AIRBATT Eneriepower LiFePO4 series are tested batteries, with Bluetooth and BMS, which are subjected to strict quality testing.


  • extremely light weight, 1,2 kg
  • 151x65x95 mm
  • integrated BMS and balancer
  • Bluetooth
  • high safety
  • fast-charging C1
  • applicable in all situations
  • 2,000 cycles at 100 % discharge
  • max. continuous discharge current: 10A
  • temperature range -20° C to +60° C
  • long lifetime

With the AIR-LPB 12-9 BT, the AIRBATT AIR-LPB series now also offers the possibility of checking the avionics battery via Bluetooth. This allows you to check important parameters of the battery for the on-board power supply in your glider on your smartphone at any time via our ACCU-24 app.

Our AIRBATT batteries are the first choice when weight has to be saved and you need a reliable power supply. The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells have the same density as lead batteries at half the weight and impress with the latest and safest technology. They provide high performance with 100% discharge and score points with their large number of cycles (up to 2000 charge cycles) – many times more than conventional lead-acid batteries – as no sulphation takes place here and thus a very long service life can be achieved.

The AIRBATT LiFePO4 series are tested batteries that only receive the AIRBATT logo when they meet AIRBATT’s high quality standards. Quality testing includes the following tests:

  • Capacity test
  • high frequency test
  • acceleration test

The BMS (battery management system) with an active balancer, a protective circuit against short-circuits (15A) and a deep discharge protection (approx. 10V) are integrated in the housing.

The batteries can be charged with AIRBATT Powercharger lead or LiFePO4 chargers. Commercially available lead chargers with a charging voltage of max. 14.4-14.8V and a charging curve I U (CCCV) can also be used.

!   !   !   A T T E N T I O N !   !   !

  • The battery consists of individual cells in their own housings and electronics and is therefore a battery device.
  • The plastic housing is only an enclosure and is not waterproof. Submersion of this battery is not possible.
  • The series connection (24V circuit) is only possible under certain conditions and after consultation with an ACCU-24 employee!
  • The battery is a supply battery and not a starter battery.
  • Export to the United States of America is not permitted without the written consent of ACCU-24.
  • It is essential to observe the specifications of the aircraft manufacturer and the operating Manual!

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